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Davidson’s commitment questioned

In Innisfil
Sep 21st, 2010

Letter to the Innisfil Scope September 15 2010
I have been observing with great interest the upcoming election’s candidates, and would like to address an issue that I feel the voters of Innisfil should Court dedication be made aware of.
I know that a particular councillor, Dan Davidson, should be declaring a conflict of interest.
If he was an honourable man, he would get out of local politics.
He is supposed to be representing the people of his ward and their interests in a fair and unbiased way. I wonder if these people know that he is a member of Environmental Defence. This is a group that often lobbies against the Town of Innisfil, and attacks this municipality as well. I would think that this would place him in direct conflict with the town.
The very town, by the way, that he wants to represent on council as deputy mayor. His only agenda should be representing the voters; however, it appears that his desire to be on council is really being driven by the pressure group he belongs to.
As I continue delving into Davidson’s past record, I really wonder who he is representing.
Is it a taxpayer-funded lobbying group or the people in his ward? He really cannot be doing both. He should quit Environmental Defence or politics.
Al Wasserman,

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