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Green program is a go

In Innisfil
Aug 13th, 2010

By Bruce Hain Simcoe.com August 11 2010
INNISFIL – Yes, Virginia, there can be life for that old VCR, computer, black and white TV, or any other electrical appliances taking up valuable space in your garage and basement.
The Green Go Recycling Solutions initiative has been launched in Innisfil as a sister project of a similar program in Barrie that has already been proven to be hugely successful with our neighbours to the north. Green Go is licensed under the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program.
John Hurd, who has operated a wooden pallet recycling service for many years, found out about Green Go and believed it was ideally suited for his hometown.
“I’ve always been into recycling and thought it was a good idea,” Hurd says.
He was able to secure a location for a large blue recycling bin in the back of the parking lot of Daisy Mart on Killarney Beach Road.
“John Ko, owner of the Daisy Mart, was kind enough to let me have the space.”
Even though the service has been in place for just over two weeks, with minimal publicity, Innisfil residents are eagerly rallying to the cause, Hurd says.
“I’ve emptied the bin and taken material up to Barrie several times already,” he says. “I’m finding stuff that may have gone into a repair shop, but the cost of fixing it is prohibitive. Also, it avoids having to wait for a municipal pickup or going to a County of Simcoe dump and pay tippage fees.”
Anything with a power cord is eligible to be placed in the bin, Hurd says.
The list also includes hair dryers, power tools, clock radios, toaster ovens, coffee makers vacuum cleaners and much more.
“I’m very pleased, and surprised by the reaction,” he says. “I think this will really catch on. The bin is in a perfect location for south Innisfil. I live only one minute away, so I can monitor the bin on a daily basis.”
Hurd is also waiting to hear back from a business on Innisfil Beach Road to see if he can place a bin there. He also wants to approach the Sandy Cove Residents’ Association to explore the possibility of occasional pickups.
On a recent afternoon, Clare Riddell of Alcona drove down to Lefroy after receiving help load her old television set in to the back of her station wagon.
“I think this is just a great idea,” Riddell says. “I was so glad to hear about it and I’m going to tell all my friends.”
“We just want to make it easy for people to recycle,” Hurd says as he lifts the TV from the back of her car.
“It will take some time for people to get used to the service but I’m sure it will succeed.”
To find out more about the electronic recycling program, call Hurd at 730-3301.

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