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Wetland wildlife in peril

In Innisfil
Jun 13th, 2010

Letter to Simcoe.com Apri 21 2010
I would like to express my concerns regarding the town of Innisfil council’s preferred route for the Leslie Street extension directly through a provincially significant wetland (PSW). I believe they are voting at the end of April.
Please check out the Town website – www.town.innisfil.on.ca, to read information.
How can the alternative (number seven) they have chosen, a route that bisects a PSW be environmentally sound? If PSW (studies) have no effect when it comes to building roads, or anything else the council thinks is a good idea, perhaps we should recycle them for toilet paper.
Is the budget the driving force in these decisions, taking the cheapest route to keep the cost down and have any environmentally sustainable alternatives been considered such as a span bridge, or an alternative route?
What about the impacts on Leslie Street residents on making this a thoroughfare, such as noise, the safety of children and traffic? Will this town not be happy until all wetlands, old growth forests and creeks have been destroyed in the name of development?
Is cutting down driving time worth destroying the natural habitat to countless animal and plant species? When did the destruction of forests, watercourses and natural heritage systems become “management” and “improvement”?
Remember, this is an election year and this town needs to start protecting natural heritage and stop its complete disregard and disrespect towards our natural environment, unless you prefer pavement, non-native tree species and carefully cultivated flower gardens.
Sandra Morley

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